INSIDE THE BOX (Green Sprouts Silicone Tray)

I have gone through so many different types of baby food trays trying to find one I can rely on to be non-toxic and easy to use! Green Sprouts did just that. Silicone has become a material we are seeing more and more of in the kitchen because it’s easy to use and contains NO PVC, BPA, or nitrosamine. It is heat resistant up to 425°F which allows you to cook baby food in the oven, let cool, then place into the freezer; all without taking the baby food out of the Green Sprouts silicone tray!

in tray

I whipped up an easy and healthy way for my 7-month-old to get some greens and ease the pain of her teething gums in the Green Sprouts tray.



Frozen Veggie Bites for Teething

1 cup frozen non-gmo/ organic corn

1 cup frozen organic green beans

2 Tbsp water

Place all ingredients into a food processor and pulse/blend until combined but not pureed.

before blend


Next, fill each cube a little over half-way. Using a fork, divide each portion in two and form to opposite ends.

little fingers

Once it is frozen, pop out one or two of the forms and let your baby get some well deserved nourishment and relief! My 7 month old is working on her 6th tooth, and this is my go-to snack for her. It makes me happy that her gums are getting a break from the pain and she is getting her greens all at once! The Green Sprouts tray holds 15- 1 oz cubes, that’s 30 frozen veggie bites!