Local Traveling With Kids; Our Stay at The Parker Palm Springs

Majority of our customer inquiries tend to be in the range of product details, car seat suggestions, mom-to-mom questions; like how long did you nurse and lastly where and how do you travel with kids, specifically toddlers. Having two little ones so close in age traveling out of the state has yet to happen. Currently we prefer local travel which saves money, helps to keep sane by avoiding airplanes and overall supports local business. One of my absolute favorite places to visit is Palm Springs. From the hot weather to the short 1 1/2-hour drive, Palm Springs has been our go-to when needing a quick getaway with the kids.

Parker 2

This time around we chose to stay at The Parker Palm Springs. If you haven’t had to pleasure to stay at their fabulous, lush and kid-friendly hotel you definitely must add it to your bucket list. From their gorgeous landscaped property to their amazing customer service The Parker Palm Springs definitely does NOT disappoint. To be honest, upon arrival I was a little intimidated. The crowd is extremely upscale and the hotel is beyond posh. Imagine Hollywood Hills mixed with Ralph Lauren. The hotel architecture and design is beyond breath taking.

Parker 3

Having two wild children both under 3 at first caused a little anxiety. I began to think, “is this hotel kid-friendly enough? Are my kids going to rip and run and tear everything up? Are we a little to hippie for this spot?” But to my surprise there were more kids than I could count. Kids running wild, playing through the gardens, laughing, screaming and having a ball. After settling into our room we explored the property. Beautiful is an understatement! Gardens, Fountains, Croquet, Petanque and even fire-pits. One of the best amenities was the kid pool. I truly believe all hotels should have kid pools. It allows your kids the opportunity to jump, splash, canon ball and just enjoy without you having to worry whether your kids are disrupting the lady reading her book.

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After all the fun of visiting the pool, eating locally for dinner and watching movies in our bed we all called it a night. First thing in the morning and before checkout we decided to visit the “highly reviewed and rated” Norma’s for breakfast. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! I truly could stay at The Parker Palm Springs solely for Norma’s it was so amazing. As soon as you get seated you are greeted with a freshly juiced smoothy. This pregnant mama has been dreaming about that smoothy since we left. AMAZING!!! The food was superb to any breakfast we’ve ever had, and trust me we take our breakfast pretty seriously. Again, amazing customer service. Our waiter was amazing and the prices weren’t too bad. We truly had an unbelievable getaway. The Parker Palm Springs was more than good to us and definitely will be one of our go-to hotels to stay when visiting Palm Springs.

For our moms wondering what my must have travel accessories are, here are my must haves on any vacation: Babytime by Episencial Sunny Sunscreen, Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bags,  Nena and Company Day Bag, In2Green Eco Throw and of course my Boba Carrier.

Mothers Organic 2014 “Something Sweet” Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valenitines Post


With Valentines Day right around the corner, we thought we’d share our “Something Sweet” 2014 Valentines Day Gift Guide. We have included all things natural, non-toxic and super sweet with bright pops of color for your little one to enjoy!

Dandelion Lady Bug Ring Rattle/ KidBasix The Safe Sippy 2-Pink/ Lollacup-Red/ KidBasix The Safe Sippy 2-Red/ Pura Infant Bottle-Pink/ Dandelion Mushroom Pudgy Rattle/ Lollacup-Pink/ Ubbi Diaper Pail-Hot Pink/ Zoli BOT-Pink

Family Travel Fun: Legoland and Four Seasons Aviara

Like you, we are always on the go with our kids. Whether it’s a walk to the local park or a family trip to a new town, we travel with kids in tow – taking our favorite on-the-go baby gear and travel accessories from the Mothers Organic store.

Recently, we had an opportunity to take a vacation in Carlsbad – just north of San Diego. We chose Carlsbad because it’s just a two-hour ride from our home in Los Angeles – and a short drive with two toddlers was a must – and we loved all the family-friendly activities available at Legoland California.

Legoland California


In particular, Legoland has lots of great options for toddlers. Many times we have taken the kids to amusement parks where they only have a couple of attractions geared for toddlers. Legoland has an entire area dedicated to toddlers – complete with rides, activities and a toddler park. The kids were able to explore, play, build and learn. In addition, there are ample areas to breastfeed babies and toddlers – including a designated nursing station complete with rocking chairs, privacy curtains and changing tables and other amenities.

Legoland California


Legoland California

A day trip to Legoland wouldn’t have been possible without our Pura Sippy Bottles and Zoli SUMO Snack Stackers. We were able to give the kids organic milk (we love the Stremick’s Heritage Foods brand) and snacks in these reusable containers – and they fit perfectly in our diaper bag.

Zoli Sumo Snack Stacker

After a full day at Legoland, we wanted to get some rest and relaxation at a hotel that was clean, comfortable, eco-friendly and suitable for families. We did a lot of research and decided to go with the Four Seasons Aviara. The reviews we read boasted of a villa style suite complete with kitchen, dreamy comfortable bed and welcoming staff. Let me first say that those reviews only begin to touch on the AMAZING experience of staying at the Four Seasons Aviara. The Four Seasons are known for their luxury hotels but never had we imagined that they were also dedicated to being family-friendly with the many available accommodations for their littlest of guest. From their baby sitting services to their separate children’s pool, the Four Seasons Aviara proved to be more than just a luxury hotel.

Four Seasons Aviara


The staff was nothing short of phenomenal. Upon arrival, we were greeted with lemonade and warm towels to clean our hands. The front desk printed out local spots for us to enjoy that were family friendly. They even offered to make reservations for dinner if needed. Once we entered our room, we discovered the staff had more than prepared for our arrival. The kids were beyond excited to see there were personalized Legos for them to enjoy. Not to mention custom bath toys, an amazing fruit tray and personalized brownies for a sweet treat.

Four Seasons Aviara


Another star component to our stay was the fact that everything was baby proofed, which stayed true to their promise of a “home away from home”. Being that we are a family dedicated to living as healthy and organic as possible, we were thrilled that there was a kitchen in our villa. We were able to pack our family favorites of organic milk, Happy Family treats and have the option to prepare our own dinner and breakfast.

Four Seasons Aviara

If you are local and looking for an amazing getaway for your family please keep Legoland and The Four Seasons Aviara in mind. They will forever be our go-to destination for family fun in San Diego.

Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea Make a Heavenly, Soothing Bath Experience

Zoe Organics at Mothers Organic

Bath time is a relaxing time in my home. My kids would sit in the tub for hours if I let them. I usually add a little bubble bath, just to make sure they get clean. I am always looking for different bath products that are made with natural and organic ingredients so that my children can bathe in chemical-free water.

Now that it is nice and warm outside, my kids like to play in the grass, which means they always feel itchy when they are done. This results in a quick bath to get rid of the “itches”. I also give my kids a quick bath after swimming in pools with chlorine.  I want to naturally treat my kids’ skin, no matter what is on it.

Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea is heaven in a bag. Each tea bag is filled with 100% organic ingredients including oatmeal, lavender, calendula, chamomile and cocoa butter shavings.

Mothers Organic Blog ~ Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea

Each tea bag is pre-measured and ready to toss into any bathtub for kids of all ages. It can be used to calm a newborn, soothe a sunburn, relieve a diaper rash, alleviate allergies, or just to add a wonderful lavender scent to the bathtub. These tea bags can even be used an alternative to soap which works well for those with sensitive skin.

My kids came in the house after playing in the grass the other day, and I put Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea Bag in the tub. It immediately filled the room with a wonderful lavender scent and gave the water a blue tint which made me think of beautiful Hawaiian ocean water. The scent stayed strong through the bath, and I didn’t need to add anything else to the tub for my kids to clean their bodies since both oatmeal and lavender act as natural cleansers.

I left the tea bag in the tub floating around throughout the bath and then left it sitting on the counter after the bath because it still smelled so good. You can rub the muslin bag on the skin and hair just like you would a bar of soap.

Buy Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea for $28. Each tin comes with 10 individual 0.5 ounce tea bags. Tea bags can be tossed into the trash after one use.

Heritage Organic Milk Giveaway

stremicks review mobOne of the first changes I made when I started my green/eco and organic lifestyle was making the switch to solely buying organic for dairy and produce. It was the first step to ridding myself and my family of harsh chemicals and pesticides. Why was this my first step and why is it important to buy organic milk? According to LivingMaxwell, “Approximately 20% of the milk in the U.S. is hormonal milk. But what exactly is hormonal milk? Hormonal milk is milk that comes from cows who have received a genetically-engineered hormone called Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Animals receive this growth hormone for one simple reason: it will increase milk production for the farmer.” Do you really want you family drinking this hormone? I say no and you should too!

Stremick’s Heritage Organic Milk is a staple in our household. It’s our go-to for milk. They are a family owned business committed to making great products, meaning handing down only the best traditions, ideals, and products from one generation to the next. “Our high quality beverages with top tier health standards reflect the same standards of excellence we would expect in our own home.  Our integrity and manufacturing processes highlight our commitment to ensuring the health of future generations.”

As a gift to our readers our friends at Stremick’s Heritage Foods are generously offering up (2) free coupons of Heritage Organic Milk to (5) lucky winners!!  To enter, follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below. The contest is open to CA residents only and will start Friday, March 15th, 2013 & will end on March 20th at 12:01PST. Good luck! And remember you can enter once a day!

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