What’s In Our Diaper Bag Giveaway with Nena & Co. & Freshly Picked

nena & co giveaway

Today we’re honored and excited to share with you all things diaper bag related. Being a mother of two little ones, ages 2 & 1 I find myself always needing to overpack. I need a diaper bag that has compartments, space and more than anything one that is stylish.

Recently I was introduced to Nena & Co. and immediately I fell in love. Why you ask? Where should we start? First, Nena & Co. is an eco-friendly company. They upcycle!! Their bags are the end product of the intricate process of creating hand loomed huipils that began hundreds of years ago.  The fabric used to create each bag used to be a beautiful woman’s shirt or huipil. Nena & Co. bags are uniquely handcrafted and capture the magic and depth of the Maya people. The best part is when you purchase one of their bags you’re helping create jobs at home and also providing freedom from poverty for the beautiful, hardworking women of the Maya highlands. Use MOTHERS20 at checkout to snag your very own Nena & Co. bag at 20% off, make sure you check out her full line which includes: Turbans, Camera Straps, Clutches, Day Bags, Totes, Weekender Bags, Makeup Bags and Men’s Weekender Bags.

What’s in my diaper bag you ask? I make sure to include all my absolute must have’s like, diapers, wipes, a pacifier and sippy cup. Not to mention my “just in case” stash of items to make sure I’m prepared in case of an emergency like sunscreen, toys for meltdowns, snacks, diaper balm and of course my all time favorite; a pair of moccasins from Freshly Picked. There have been many occasions in which I needed an extra pair of shoes on hand and these fit so perfectly into any diaper bag without taking up too much space.

Now to the fun part!!! We are stoked to share that we are teaming up with Nena & Co. and Freshly Picked to bring you our What’s In Our Diaper Bag Giveaway valued at over $450!!! Yes that’s right!! One lucky reader will be the winner of a Nena & Co. bag, a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins, Seventh Generation Diapers, Wipes, Pacifier, Sippy Cup, Sunscreen, eco-alternative toy, Happy Family Organic Snacks, EcoLunchbox and Diaper Balm!!!!!! So get excited and make sure you enter all ways possible.

To enter, follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below. The contest is open to US residents only and will start Monday, February 10th and will end Monday, February 17th at 12:01PST. Good Luck! And remember you can enter once a day!

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Cloth Diaper Washing 101

cloth diapers

If you’re considering using baby cloth diapers, one of the most intimidating factors can be washing them. I was definitely a little freaked out about washing diapers when we decided to use cloth, and it was my husband’s biggest reservation. With a fourth baby on the way I couldn’t imagine how I would keep up with the regular laundry, let alone adding cloth diapers into the mix. Then of course there’s the poop factor: Wouldn’t it be messy? Do I have to touch it? Won’t it stink up the house? Much to my surprise, with modern cloth diapers and the amazing invention of the diaper sprayer washing cloth diapers was way easier than I expected. Plus, keeping thousands of diapers out of the landfill, making the healthiest choice for my baby, and saving thousands of dollars on disposables was well worth the extra effort.

How Do You Wash Baby Cloth Diapers?

So how do you wash these things? There are many ways to wash cloth diapers, and every mama has her own routine. If you’re just getting started with cloth diapering, it may take some trial and error to find the perfect wash routine for you. Part depends on your preferences, part depends on your washer, and part depends on your water (hard or soft). Below you’ll everything you need to know to get started.

Start with a Baby Cloth Diapers Pail.

Using a wetbag with the cloth diapers pail will also help. It’s a great way to store dirty diapers and Ubbi cloth diaper pails offer sleek, modern style for nursery accent.

Diaper Sprayer

Consider Using  a Diaper Sprayer

One thing I strongly recommend investing in is a diaper sprayer. It hooks up to the toilet, and will make your life as a cloth diapering mama a whole lot easier. When it comes to rinsing off solids, you pretty much have two choices- diaper sprayer or “dunk and swish”, as in dunking the diaper in the toilet and swishing it around until all of the solids are removed. A diaper sprayer allows you to quickly and effectively remove all solids from the diaper by rinsing them directly into the toilet – no mess, and no touching poo or toilet water, need I say more?

Green Your Detergent

When washing cloth diapers, it’s important to use a cloth diaper friendly detergent that’s free of optical brighteners and anything else that might cause your diapers harm. I personally love Rockin’ Green Classic Rock Laundry Detergent. It’s gentle enough for cloth diapers and great for baby’s (or anyone in the family with) sensitive skin, yet powerful to wash away dirt and stains.

Use PVC Free Wool Dryer Balls

Never use dryer sheets when drying cloth diapers, not only are they filled with chemicals and artificial fragrance, they will also cause your diapers to repel moisture. PVC Free Wool Dryer balls like Loohoo Wool Dryer Balls are a great alternative (especially for medium and large laundry loads), and boast some pretty amazing qualities including static reduction, natural softening, the ability to absorb toxins and odors, and can reduce drying time by 10-25%.

Avoid Chemical Bleaches

In most cases, bleach is another cloth diaper no-no. Yes it is great for killing germs, but it is bad for cloth diapers, covers, and your family. It will actually eat away at the fibers in your diapers, eventually leading to holes and frayed edges. It also decreases their durability and absorbency and may also adversely affect the waterproofing in certain cloth diapers. Baking soda and oxygenated bleach (Oxi-Clean) are great whiteners to use in its place.

The sun is also an amazing natural bleach and stain remover, in the same way the sun has the power to fade colors, it can also whiten whites. Whenever my cloth diapers are looking a little dingy, I hang them outside and it is amazing how quickly they whiten up. There’s no trick to using the sun. Simply wash as usual and then hang everything on a clothesline, or as I prefer, lay them flat on a table or blanket in the sun to take advantage of what I consider to be free eco-friendly bleach!

Sunning Cloth Diapers

Basic Baby Cloth Diaper Wash Routine

  1. Once you’re ready to wash toss all of your diapers along with your wetbag into the washing machine. I recommend washing no more than two dozen diapers at one time, as too much friction can cause pilling and prevent the diapers from getting clean. Also, make sure you fasten any velcro tabs to prevent all of your diapers from sticking together!
  2. Always start with a cold rinse. I do a complete cold wash cycle without any detergent.
  3. Next do a hot wash with ¼- ½ the amount of detergent. (If you normally use a ½ capful of detergent for your clothes, use ¼ capful for your diapers.)
  4. Finish up with another cold rinse to make sure all of the detergent is thoroughly rinsed from your diapers.
  5. It’s best to line dry diaper shells and covers to preserve their waterproof qualities. I also prefer to line dry my AIO’s. Inserts, prefolds, wet bags, and any other cloth products can be dried in the dryer. Shells and covers typically air dry really fast, mine are usually dry by the time I take the rest of my diapers out of the dryer. If you don’t have a clothesline you can hang your diapers just about anywhere to dry,  inside or out – I’ve used the roof of our kids playhouse, the bunked latter/railing, and the shower curtain rod just to name a few.

To sum it up, washing cloth diapers isn’t bad at all, and once you find a routine that works for you it’s really quite easy. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, and if you have any wash routine tips we’d love to hear them.

Mothers Organic 2014 “Something Sweet” Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valenitines Post


With Valentines Day right around the corner, we thought we’d share our “Something Sweet” 2014 Valentines Day Gift Guide. We have included all things natural, non-toxic and super sweet with bright pops of color for your little one to enjoy!

Dandelion Lady Bug Ring Rattle/ KidBasix The Safe Sippy 2-Pink/ Lollacup-Red/ KidBasix The Safe Sippy 2-Red/ Pura Infant Bottle-Pink/ Dandelion Mushroom Pudgy Rattle/ Lollacup-Pink/ Ubbi Diaper Pail-Hot Pink/ Zoli BOT-Pink

Mothers Organic 2013 Gift Guide for Expecting Mama

Gift Guide for Expecting Mama


With the Holidays rapidly approaching, we thought we’d share our Holiday Gift Guide specially customized for the expectant mama in your life. Our “Expectant Mama” Guide is complete with everything from nursing necessities to detergent specifically made to combat the heaviest messes while remaining true to the Mothers Organic standards of natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

1. Zoe B Sleepy Hat

2. Pura Infant Bottle 5oz.

3. Aden+Anais Classic Muslin Collection 4-Pack

4. Aden+Anais Classic Changing Pad Cover

5. Puj Tub

6. Boba Carrier

7. Zoe Organics Diaper Balm

8. Rockin Green Soap

9. Earth Mama*Angel Baby Booby Tubes

Family Travel Fun: Legoland and Four Seasons Aviara

Like you, we are always on the go with our kids. Whether it’s a walk to the local park or a family trip to a new town, we travel with kids in tow – taking our favorite on-the-go baby gear and travel accessories from the Mothers Organic store.

Recently, we had an opportunity to take a vacation in Carlsbad – just north of San Diego. We chose Carlsbad because it’s just a two-hour ride from our home in Los Angeles – and a short drive with two toddlers was a must – and we loved all the family-friendly activities available at Legoland California.

Legoland California


In particular, Legoland has lots of great options for toddlers. Many times we have taken the kids to amusement parks where they only have a couple of attractions geared for toddlers. Legoland has an entire area dedicated to toddlers – complete with rides, activities and a toddler park. The kids were able to explore, play, build and learn. In addition, there are ample areas to breastfeed babies and toddlers – including a designated nursing station complete with rocking chairs, privacy curtains and changing tables and other amenities.

Legoland California


Legoland California

A day trip to Legoland wouldn’t have been possible without our Pura Sippy Bottles and Zoli SUMO Snack Stackers. We were able to give the kids organic milk (we love the Stremick’s Heritage Foods brand) and snacks in these reusable containers – and they fit perfectly in our diaper bag.

Zoli Sumo Snack Stacker

After a full day at Legoland, we wanted to get some rest and relaxation at a hotel that was clean, comfortable, eco-friendly and suitable for families. We did a lot of research and decided to go with the Four Seasons Aviara. The reviews we read boasted of a villa style suite complete with kitchen, dreamy comfortable bed and welcoming staff. Let me first say that those reviews only begin to touch on the AMAZING experience of staying at the Four Seasons Aviara. The Four Seasons are known for their luxury hotels but never had we imagined that they were also dedicated to being family-friendly with the many available accommodations for their littlest of guest. From their baby sitting services to their separate children’s pool, the Four Seasons Aviara proved to be more than just a luxury hotel.

Four Seasons Aviara


The staff was nothing short of phenomenal. Upon arrival, we were greeted with lemonade and warm towels to clean our hands. The front desk printed out local spots for us to enjoy that were family friendly. They even offered to make reservations for dinner if needed. Once we entered our room, we discovered the staff had more than prepared for our arrival. The kids were beyond excited to see there were personalized Legos for them to enjoy. Not to mention custom bath toys, an amazing fruit tray and personalized brownies for a sweet treat.

Four Seasons Aviara


Another star component to our stay was the fact that everything was baby proofed, which stayed true to their promise of a “home away from home”. Being that we are a family dedicated to living as healthy and organic as possible, we were thrilled that there was a kitchen in our villa. We were able to pack our family favorites of organic milk, Happy Family treats and have the option to prepare our own dinner and breakfast.

Four Seasons Aviara

If you are local and looking for an amazing getaway for your family please keep Legoland and The Four Seasons Aviara in mind. They will forever be our go-to destination for family fun in San Diego.