Why Green Toys Are Important


Parents want to keep their children at bay from diseases as much as possible. While giving them organic foods and vitamins and supplements are two proven ways to boost their health, giving them green toys is another way to make sure that they’re not at risk from the toxic chemicals, specifically lead, BPA, and phthalates, used in most toys these days. While plastic-made toys are cheap and very accessible, they are not always the best choice for our children. The plastic can contain chemical compounds that are found to trigger cancer, asthma, and other degenerative and respiratory ailments. To avoid your child from getting sick start replacing plastic toys with quality green toys by considering play sets manufactured with plant based materials.


When it comes to green toys, almost everybody knows about Green Toys, one of the leading manufacturers of toys made from eco-friendly materials and spearheaded by Robert von Goeben. If you think the name rings a bell, it should because he is also the founder of Propellerhead Studios, a top notch company that specializes in the creation electronic toys and games. All products from Green Toys are made of recycled materials specifically plastic milk jugs and sustainable pieces that help reduce wastes in landfills. They also use natural ingredients including its packaging and label, so anxious parents are guaranteed that Green Toys have no traces of toxic substances that may put their children’s health at risk. Aside from that, the toys are locally made in California, and are processed using environment-friendly techniques that require lower amount of energy only. Shop Green Toys here.


Green Sprouts promotes holistic early child development with functional feeding and toys. They are made from safe materials designed to protect the health and safety of children. Because babies explore by putting objects in their mouths, only quality materials are used in the manufacturing of Green Sprouts. Shop Green Sprouts here.

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