Weekly Topic Discussion Overview: Placenta Encapsulation with Valerie Rosas


Recently we began a series of weekly topic discussions in which we allow our customer and reader base the opportunity to choose a popular “Natural Parenting” subject to discuss with fellow parents on our social media outlet Instagram. We are AMAZED by the feedback and outpouring of suggestions, comments and interaction between parents sharing their personal experience, asking questions and giving great advice of each topic. As promised, a few weeks after our Topic Discussion we reach out to a professional or experienced parent in said field and allow our readers an opportunity to get a more detailed explanation on the subject. 

One of our first topics was Placenta Encapsulation. We received tons of feedback, suggestions and questions on this topic and we are BEYOND thrilled to have Valerie Rosas of The Feel Good Company Placenta Encapsulation touch on the subject of Placenta Encapsulation. The Feel Good Company Placenta Encapsulation By Valerie Rosas is an L.A. based business that offers Placenta capsules, tinctures, salves, smoothies and much more for mommas-to be. Valerie’s motivation, inspiration, and passion for placenta encapsulation stems from the importance of mental health, she believes in the placenta power and is passionate in helping women in their postpartum recovery and assisting them in their transition into motherhood. Along with aiding women post baby, she is also driven to educate women in general about placenta encapsulation through event speaking. Valerie has received training through Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation and Certification, January 2013, and has been certified since March 2013. She has also obtained her Food Handlers Certification and Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate. In this way her clients can feel safe and secure that they are in good hands.

Placenta Encapsulation 101

There are two methods of preparing placenta for encapsulation, the RAW method and TCM method (traditional Chinese medicine). In the RAW method steaming placenta is skipped and placenta goes straight into the dehydrator.  The TCM method gently warms placenta by steaming with slices of ginger. Tincture is a fermentation process that allows preservation of the placenta so that it can be used for menopause and any hormonal transition. A Salve is a super healing, natural triple antibiotic ointment (used for perineal tearing, cracked nipples, eczema, diaper rash and more). A placenta smoothie is a small piece of your raw placenta with your choice of fruits blended to provide you with a turbo boost of energy along with all the placenta benefits instantaneously!… “How’s this for a history lesson, the earliest recorded use of the placenta was in 1578 by Li Shi-Zhen a medical and pharmaceutical expert of China. He included placenta as a medicine in his first TCM Materia Medica publication… Needless to say, I love placenta!”



There’s a sub-culture of mommies that is rapidly increasing and for a good reason, PLACENTA POWER!!

The possibility of dodging postpartum depression while replenishing iron and lending a consistent flow of oxytocin to get your motherhood started with a feel good vibe has mommas researching for the nearest placenta encapsulator. Hence, The Feel Good Company Placenta Encapsulation By Valerie Rosas. After all, no doctor on this planet can prescribe a vitamin or herbal supplement more perfect than your placenta. Consumption of placenta is known to have been practiced as far back as 1578 as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and though it has surfaced on the mainstream through several celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone and twin sisters Tia & Tamera’s public acceptance, many cultures around the world find it to be common practice to consume placenta as part of a healing process after giving birth. As for Valerie, She knows through her own experience what it feels like to have been swallowed up by baby blues and two weeks after giving birth rescued by the encapsulation of her placenta. Her testimony is very similar to the stories shared on YELP by the ladies that she’s encapsulated for. The Feel Good Company PE is dedicated with the upmost passion to serve Mommas with complete and wholesome care and priding itself in making sure that mommas receive their placentas within 48 hrs, if not sooner so that they may reap the benefits of the medicine that their very own body has created for them. Other services besides encapsulation also consist of Salves, Tinctures, Smoothies and Dream-catchers made from the umbilical cord. For more information please visit…. www.feelgoodplacenta.com



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