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Many believe that in order to live a “Green” lifestyle you must jump through hoops and make drastic changes, but there are actually numerous quick and easy ways to live a more eco-friendly and non-toxic lifestyle. The first thing I learned when becoming a more eco-conscious parent was that nothing can change overnight. Little by little you begin to learn and with knowledge comes change. If you rush into trying to change everything too quickly it becomes overwhelming and stressful. The best advice I received was to start switching out the things you use on a daily basis. In turn when you switch your daily essentials to eco-alternative options you are making a huge step in ridding yourself, your family and our earth of toxic chemicals.

The most common daily essentials are plastic bags from grocery shopping, water bottles, dryer sheets for laundry care, and pots and pans for cooking.

– Next time you go grocery shopping try using a reusable tote bag to avoid using the plastic bags.”If used once per week, four or five reusable bags will replace 520 plastic bags a year” according to Nick Sterling, research director at Natural Capitalism Solutions.

– Instead of grabbing a disposable plastic water bottle, try a reusable Mason Jar Tumblr. Durable, Stylish, Eco-alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Also try adding fruits to your water in your mason jar tumblr, it’s a great way to add antioxidants to your daily water, making it fruit infused water. Did you know, “Bottled water companies increasingly use BPA-free plastic, but laced into plastic bottles are other chemicals that can seep out if bottles are exposed to heat or sit around for a long time. Some of these chemicals are possible endocrine disruptors. No one knows for sure what the health outcomes are.

– Laundry…everyone’s favorite daily activity (said no-one ever)! But if you are forced to do laundry like majority of us Americans try switching from using common dryer sheets to wool dryer balls. Did you know the common dryer sheets contain toxic chemicals such as: Pentane, Ethyl Acetate, Camphor Alpha-Terpineol, Chloroform and many other chemicals. Instead use wool dryer balls, they are non-toxic, help to separate laundry, reduce dry time, sustainable alternative to dryer sheets, ideal for all laundry including cloth diapers, naturally soften fabrics and 100% wool.

– Last but least, mealtime. Switching out your cookware is a must! Common non-stick cookware is loaded with PFC’s. “Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are a family of fluoride-containing chemicals with unique properties to make materials stain-and stick resistant. There are many forms of PFC’s, but the most commonly found contaminant is: *PFOA or Perfluorooctanoic acid, used to make Teflon products. Our favorite eco-alternative cookware is made from our friends over at The Original Green Pan.

Balance is everything, knowledge allows growth and growth allows change. Remember take your time, research and try not to stress when “greening” your lifestyle. You’d be surprised how many little changes make a huge difference.


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    Cool products! The “green pans” are exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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